Let’s be vigilant and mindful. Disappearances are always distressing, but they can be especially troubling for BIPOC individuals in a society marked by racism and colorism. Years ago an Auntie to the community disappeared and an hardly any investigation was done. It was a troubling wakeup call. She was found years later. She was an adult and a lovely person, but was traveling alone and let her guard down.

The rising number of missing persons is deeply concerning. Lately, we’ve seen an alarming increase in BIPOC individuals going missing in California, and now, the artist known as #Medikk is missing in Jamaica.

My heartfelt prayers go out to all those affected, and I hope they return safely. It’s disheartening to see this happening to people from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and it’s even more troubling when it appears that affluent BIPOC individuals may be targeted.

Let’s remember never to accept anything from strangers, not even a cigarette, as there have been reports of people being drugged. I’ve even heard of a young man being drugged, but fortunately, his female companion managed to escape. It’s a stark reminder that some individuals have no boundaries.

To stay safe, here are some steps to consider:

– **Implement the Buddy System:** Whenever possible, don’t go places alone. Having a friend or family member with you can provide an extra layer of safety.

– **Keep Your Phone Charged and Handy:** Ensure your phone is fully charged and within reach. It can be a valuable tool for communication and assistance.

– **Consider Self-Defense Measures:** If legally allowed and trained, consider obtaining a licensed firearm or other means of self-defense for your protection.

– **Be Cautious with Strangers:** Never accept items or favors from strangers, and be cautious when approached by unfamiliar individuals.

Our primary goal is to ensure everyone comes home safe and stays safe.