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Popular Simple. Secure. Reliable Staking

Take Control of Your Staking with Avado

Avado provides hardware and software solutions for home and cloud staking. No technical knowledge required.

Avado Staking Solutions

Since 2018, AVADO has crafted bespoke hardware solutions to make Ethereum staking easy and convenient.

AVADO i5 - Budget Solution

Ideal for Staker on a budget or One ETH validator.

  • AVADO i5-232 - 2TB Drive + 32 GB RAM
  • For Budget Staking

Take Control of Your Staking on Ethereum

Running your own validator is the Gold Standard of Staking. Keep control of your keys, contribute to the security of the Ethereum network, and earn ETH directly from the protocol.

Staking with AVADO is convenient, secure, and true to the spirit of decentralization.

Bye bye, Command Line. AVADO is Click and Install.

Why Choose AVADO?

  • Easy: Click and install with a pre-installed App Store.
  • Up to date: Automatic updates for protocol changes.
  • 24/7 support: Extensive documentation and community in Discord.

Choose Your Setup

For any budget, you can install and run AVADO hardware at home or choose to run your validator in the cloud. Both options provide security, control, and convenience.

Documentation and Support

Explore resources, FAQs, and support options to help you make the most of your AVADO staking experience


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